“Trend Alert: Choker Necklace Madness” 

Choker Necklaces have been one of my obsessions lately. I’ve been wearing ’em almost (oopps!) E V E R Y D A Y!! So I thought I would share some of these accessories with you on today’s post.

Black and Gold Necklaces from Globo
Beautiful pieces from Aldo


These were all bought separately (Except for the gold necklace which came as a pair but could definitely be worn separately) from Aldo Accessories. I like the black lace necklace the most since I could easily incorporate it with any outfit.

Cute little one from Delilah

I love all of these pieces but my favourite among all of them is this one I purchased from Delilah. It is very chic and trendy that could easily make a simple outfit look fab.

Below are snaps of me wearing one of Aldo’s and Delilah’s very stylish choker necklaces.


There you have it beautiful people!! I hope you all like it. Share your ideas of outfits wearing a choker necklace on the comment box below 👍👍

See you soon on my next post😀😀
Much love❤️❤️💋💋,
Arlene Kischaen Aboli




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