“Urban Decay’s Naked 4 Palette “

Urban Decay is one of the leading cosmetics company in the market. They carry a wide array of products from foundation, eye pencils, primers, lipsticks and so much more. One of their most well-known and most liked line is the NAKED palettes. To date, there are 4 different kinds of this eye shadow palette in the market.

I recently bought NAKED 4 Palette which is designed for smoky eye shadow look and I am impressed. I’ve read mixed reviews about this product online but decided to still get it since I really love darker eye shadows.

This palette has a total of 12 different shades of eye shadow and so far “Dirty Sweet” is my current favorite to use as a base since it balances the complete look if you’re choosing  the darkest shade in the palette which is the “Black Market”.

Why I love it?

  • The product is very pigmented which makes it really easy to apply and blend.
  • It does not create crease even after long hours of wearing it.
  • The colors are vibrant and rich.
  • It is long wearing.
  • Great combination of colors which are also wearable for both day and night look.
  • Very nice packaging.
  • The brush that came with it has a really good quality.

A little swatch of the Naked 4 Palette

Over all, I really love this palette since all of the 12 shades are wearable and the quality is really good which makes the price worth it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a smoky eye shadow palette.

What Naked palettes do you currently own? Which ones are your favorites?


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Much love❤️️❤️️💋💋,

Arlene Kischaen Aboli


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