“Mount Costa: Baguio City & La Trinidad’s newest tourist destination”

Located at the Northern part of the Philippines, Baguio City is home to beautiful and picturesque landscapes. Tourists from different parts of the world are becoming more and more drawn to visit the city’s attractions especially its parks and gardens. Amongst the most common parks in the city are Burnham Park, Camp Johnhay and Minesview … More “Mount Costa: Baguio City & La Trinidad’s newest tourist destination”

“An enchanting experience at Vanilla Cafe”

Baguio City is home to many different cafes, each has different specialties, menu and decor. Being a self-confessed coffee addict and being someone who dislike crowded places I’ve been in a constant search for a good and quiet cafe to frequent to since I arrived here in Baguio City last December. Out of all the cafes … More “An enchanting experience at Vanilla Cafe”

“Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal”

Basilique Notre-Dame De Montreal is another historical church located in Old Montreal. With its beautiful architecture and history, this church is proven to be one of Montreal’s most visited church. The interior part of the basilica shouts grandiose designs and colors which makes it one of the world’s most beautiful church. This is also where Céline Dion … More “Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal”